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VITEK EXPRESSID services powered by microbiology experts.

As microbiologists, we know fast and reliable results are of the utmost importance. Get the accurate identifications you need quickly and easily with VITEK Express.

Partner With Microbiology & Identification Experts.

All the expertise, robustness and support you’ve associated with VITEK® is now available as a service with VITEK Express.The synergy of the VITEK MS, complementary ID technologies and bioMérieux’s service ensures optimal efficiency, full sample traceability and quality results you can trust.

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Quick, Accurate Results.

Whether you are using traditional identification methods or currently sending samples out for identification, the experts at bioMérieux can help you make the identification you need.

  • IDs performed by microbiology and identification experts
  • Dependable identification of bacteria, yeast and mold
  • Expedited testing available
  • Global network of labs
  • GMP Compliant and ISO accredited laboratory

No Surprises.

Utilizing the proven VITEK® technology and the latest gene sequencing tools.
You choose the service that meets your needs:

  • 1 ID = 1 Price
  • Identification Service using MALDI-TOF with VITEK MS
    (followed by gene sequencing when ID confirmation is needed)
  • Identification Service using gene sequencing
    (direct to ID with sequencing – 16s Technology)


We've Made it Simple
Login to customer portal and submit your order
Ship sample to VITEK Express ID Services
Receive reporting in as few as 2 days
We'll gene sequence when identification confirmation is needed at no additional cost

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